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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
...unless they REALLY want to go I guess. If you really want to try and take your toon as far as possible we can try, but it'll be extremely difficult with no speeder points and being completely out-levelled by everything around you to the point where one or two shots and you're down no matter what you do.
Thus the I said if he really wanted to try it. I just figured he could be more of a spectator there because not only is it a level 30 area, but it is also a Heroic area. If he really wants to go I will walk him in. I believe all of the pads are open on Nar Shadda and it is an area that most people never see unless the go kill the World Boss or remember to go back to Nar Shadda after completing the main planet quest once they reach 30 to do the bonus quest. Brem only saw it when you, mav, Jeff and Kus took her to kill the WB, Manta went there long after 30 for a companion quest, my agent has never been there, so Leyn’a, my 4th forth toon to reach that level, is the only one that went back to do the bonus mission and that was only because we went back to do mine and your class/companion quests and I saw the quest with Manta.

However Prime, Lynk is right, you fight you die, but I would still be happy to get you (and anyone else) there if you wanted to go and watch. Everything but the world boss is a one or two hits for me in that area and I do have a way to stealth you for 15 seconds while I walk you past stuff and if something happen and you do die, I have no cooldowns on my out of combat resurrect. So getting you in would not be a problem, but you would be there as a spectator.

Alright here is the battle plan. (subject to change)

1. Couscant –SD-0 --Level 18 – Area :Old Galactic Market (around 2553, 999). If anyone hasn’t seen this one, they are most likely still on the starter world.

2. Taris – Subject Alpha – Level 18 – Area: Brell Sidiment (around -430, 790)

3. Tatooine – Trapjaw – Level 30 – Area: The Dune Sea (around -1772, 410) If you get there before us and you see something suspicions to click on…don’t.

4. Nar Shaddaa – Battledrooid R4-GL Level 32 –Area: High Security Lockdown (2040, -1570)

5. Alderaan – Ulgo Siegebreaker—Level 35 – Area: No clue **will find out tonight** (300,-200)

6. Quesh – Rogue Cartel Warbot – Level 38 – Same area as the Republic Port (300,200)

7. Hoth – Snowblind – Level 44 (400, 1100)

8. Hoth – Gargath – Level 49 Area: Gargaths Watch (-2000, 500)

9. Belsavis _ The Primal Destroyer –Level 50 (this may be a tad out of our reach).

Not really sure how many we will get to, but if you have a speeder, been to that planet , are level appropriate and have the time, we can at get past number 6 with little difficulty. The main problem will be time and if the bosses have already been killed. 7, 8, and definitely 9 will be pushing it with the number of people we have at the appropriate level now.

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