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Been awhile since I posted something in here. Has it reasons though, lots of changes in my personal life, which all took their time to get sorted out. Moving in with the misses Q being a big one

Beside that, other hobby things demanded my attention; but, ahum, you're not here to hear my excuses! Q has some minor progress on those new city area models.

Kaurora has been particular good at destroying my area models, so much so, I lost hope of ever getting into the game properly. Though I kept on trying, switching back to an older version, so that means NO lightmaps.

I know, that's a killer, but that's how it is.
Enough letters, picture time

First up, failures & examples of Kaurora mangling my poor models :'(
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Using an older version of Kaurora I found out some meshes caused faults, because of their UVWmaps. I fixed it, well sort of fixed it. All 3D looks like it should. Now only to fix 90% of UVWmaps themselves. But, hey, it's progress!
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