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Community Project (?) - New Planet

This thread is meant to be a kind of test of willingness/people available, and then maybe some idea-throwing if there are people with ideas and a desire to do this.

The idea is to do a new planet for KotOR I, as a standalone mod. That means no grand overarching themes, no massive plots, etc. Let's face it, making a single planet would be difficult enough. The bit which I hope will grab your interest, though, is that the idea here is to make use of KotOR's lost modules. Specifically, the cut part of the Shadowlands (m25ab), the Czerka area (m21aa), and the old Tatooine temple and cave complex (m19aa):

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The reason for using these areas is because... well, they're there, and they aren't being used. They need a little work to be made truly functional, it must be said, but I don't think they're unsalvageable. I've done a small amount of initial work to try and make the areas look more like they belong together (keep in mind these are rough concepts, not finished reworks):
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My feeling is that the forest should connect three areas: the landing area (for which the Korriban one would be best), the temple, and the Czerka module.

So there are two questions here:
1. Are people interested in this idea?
2. What should the planet be about?

For my part, I'd be willing to do some more work on reworking the module areas, and take on the bulk of the scripting for things like the galaxy map. What I'm looking for here are people who are willing to come up with stuff to put in the modules, because (for once) I've come up blank, but also I'm looking for people to share the work-load. Again, this all depends on interest.
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