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Updated my journal

Originally Posted by VarsityPuppet View Post
VP can always help.
Thanks, VP! If you feel you can do something with the models or the textures, or both, please do PM/email me to get the files, and go wild.

As people may have noticed since last time I updated, I have released the Darksword. In non-shiny news, since the last update I've done some work on both Rhen Var and the Holocron mod.

For Rhen Var, the landing pad is now all but complete - just a few bits of dialogue and a couple of global numbers to sort out and its done. This will most likely mean lots of screenshots of new areas and reskins as the rest of the mod starts getting made (hopefully).

For the Holocron mod, Korriban is now done. This leaves Tatooine, Kashyyyk, and the Unknown World to be made and then the content side of the mod is more or less completed.

I've also been using a trial of 3ds Max to work on some intro/outtro movies for Rhen Var:

Though the 30-day trial period is now over, so that will probably have to go on indefinite hold for now.

I think it's also time to reveal a new character for Rhen Var. This is the security officer:

The skin is still a work in progress. The red eye is going to be covered-up with a kind of Borg-like prosthetic mask model when I'm done, as well; that's just a base for it. The idea is that this character was in the wars (literally) and has ended up with more than a few mechanical replacements as a result, of the rough, ready, and painful kind. He's a fairly callous, corrupt kind of guy. This sort of brings me to a fairly important point about Rhen Var: You aren't going to meet a lot of cute, cuddly, or likeable people.

If you think about it, if you wandered up to people in the street in the way that you do to characters in an RPG and expected them to just open up, you'd probably be told where to go fairly quickly. So most people on Rhen Var aren't going to tell you all their innermost secrets which explain why they behave the way they do (usually not like your best friend). I may leave the occasional clue if you want to piece it together (and if your INT score is high enough, and its useful to the plot), but overall, no Mr. Standard RPG Plot Man appearances.

I've also been playing around with textures. In particular, HK-50:

I wanted to give him a kind of Mass Effect style overhaul, although I've fairly quickly realised I don't have the patience to finish this skin off properly. Nevertheless, I think it's a fun idea, and if anyone wants to take a crack at this (and with the other droids, too), be my guest.

I've also played around a bit with the computer console skin, inspired by both Mass Effect (sigh, again...) and also Xarwarz' visual upgrade mods. The result is, I think, interesting:

Again, I'm not sure if I'm going to bother carrying on with this one, but if people like the idea, I may whip something up for release.

Finally (inspired by UltimateHK47's mod), I've had a play around with setting up different enemies for the turret game:

Unfortunately, when you kill them, they just sort of... sit there, as they lack a death animation. I might need to find a way to make them blow up when they die if I work on this any further. I was thinking of maybe creating a game console for the Ebon Hawk in the security system room, maybe. Then there could be a game vendor on Nar Shaddaa and maybe Onderon who could sell you games like Attack of the Killer Brith, which would then let you play things like this. We could also have a droid-beat-em-up game. Or even a top-down jRPG... . Anyway, just some ideas. That's all for this update. I don't know when the next one will be, as my free time has filled up pretty fast from about now until September. Hopefully soon, though.

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