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One idea to get the player to the planet is a message sent to the Ebon Hawk- T3 is the one who tells you = no VO needed. The message could be from help me to a Jedi sending info of a possible Ancient Ruin, Person sent message could be Republic or Jedi.

Second thought is to just have a hidden location on the Ebon Hawk computer that then leads you to the planet by just want to explore or some hint either Davik was going there-business.

These ideas will get you to the planet with little code and only beep sounds from T3 for VO.

I like the images of the planet and I agree to make it simple when it comes to quests. It could even be a quest hub. Place some side quests and then future modders can add more.

Also the planet could be one that is dominated by Alien species --to save from to much VO (assuming you would use VO in this mod)-with mainly alien VO then the humans if any could be for more important roles like quest giver or confrontation npc.

I hope I'm understanding what your goal is,..I sometimes get carried away :-p

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