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Originally Posted by arsenalforever View Post
Another thing, GOTO wanted the Jedi alive in order to stabilize the Republic. He himself said that they were no use to him dead, but the HK-50's we encounter always want to kill the Exile, why?
Frankly, I think it's a plot hole. He wants you to help him preserve the Republic, so he sends a ****ton of droids and people (why not just messengers?) to kill you so that he can hire you. The bounty hunters are constantly telling you that "no one will care as long as I bring them your carcass", so clearly he didn't do a very good job at emphasizing the "alive" part.

And if we have G0-T0 in our party whilst encountering the HK-50's will he tell them to stop hunting me? I tried that but he doesn't say anything to the HK-50's.
I don't remember ever being attacked by HK-50s (after Telos) in an unmodded game.

And Zez Kai Ell himself said to the Exile that he/she was right in going to the war and that he had lost belief in Jedi Teachings. He laments the Council's decision to exile us and says that the Jedi Council was very arrogant, but when we return to Dantooine, he seems to be looking forward to cutting the Exile off from the Force and all the other masters behave just like Vrook. Doesn't that piss you off?
Technically Zez never (I think) says that she were right to join the war, just that the Council made a grave mistake in showing her the door instead of trying to understand why their Jedi kept falling to the dark side (or something).

As for his apparent change of mind, it is presumed that Vrook and Kavar spoke to him off-screen and convinced him to go along with their sentencing of the Exile (assuming he was every actually against it in the first place).

Ooh and another thing, why are the HK-50's interested in obtaining Vogga's Launch Codes from T3-M4 in Vogga's Warehouse?
Because the HK-50s work for Goto (though this is never confirmed in an unmodded game) and Goto uses the codes to locate and hijack Vogga's ships.

On another note, I wonder why the HKs need to steal the launch codes from T3 if Goto's apparently been hijacking the freighters for some time. And why Vogga's one-story warehouse is literally next-door to his apartmen- I mean, his "palace".

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