Thread: The Walking Carpets Let's Kill Something as a Guild.
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Originally Posted by Miltiades View Post
Oh hey, Hawkeye, glad you made it here. And I agree, more of this!
Well I was going to ask Lynk to post the photos on Twilight, but figured it be quicker to visit here. I just wish the reg was quicker then 20 minutes.

Overall I think we could do WB twice a month at the same time we had set up for the last one, such as once a forthnight, Once as Carpets and then we do the next one as Meatbags to give it rotation.

There are Heroic areas... Which we could set up days on certain days of the week. But kinda of more relaxed if three out of five online turn up kinda of set up. It would be nice to have some team mates to work with, Maybe open it up if there are slots to other helps gets new members?
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