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Coruscant Spaceport

As Zarev and Vlalkor boarded the ship Zarev couldn't help but wonder something: Many of the order's most power masters were stationed on Tython, why hadn't one of them sensed what was happening to Master Voleran and stopped him before he made off with the information?

I'll have to ask Per'dra later. Perhaps she may have an idea. But I should probably ask what happened at the temple from her perspective.

He watched as Knight Per'dra went to the main hold and followed her. He watched as she sat down and he sat down next to her.

"Greetings knight Per'dra." He said quietly. "If I may were at the Temple on Tython when Master Voleran managed to get away with the information, what happened at the temple from your perspective? How long did it take for the temple to be locked down?"

Vlalkor sat down in the command chair on the bridge and began to input coordinates into the navcomputer. After a few moments the course for Tatooine was set and Vlalkor engaged the hyperdrive and watched as the stars turned to lines as the ship entered hyperspace.
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