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Hey everyone!

RoR being the End of the KOTOR Trilogy- my thoughts

RoR is the end of the Kotor Trilogy....(TOR is a New Story /Saga of its own that has connections to the KOTOR games and events.)

The KOTOR Trilogy is about -

-Revan's and the Exile's choices and The Ripples (Echos) from the Mandalorian War

-The Jedi Order finding its self after the Jedi Civil war- the arc is the conflict- destruction- rebirth of the Jedi Order and how they will find their new identity, which ultimately leads us to the Jedi we see in TOR.

-The Mandalorians defining their new future-purpose

-The Republic adjusting to the return of the Jedi Order and finally becoming the Republic that will be seen in TOR.

All these can be traced back to the Mandalorian War which changed everything...and in Revenge of Revan, you will be making choices and see how the trilogy ends.

These are the focus points of what I believe is the KOTOR Trilogy.


Edit: Fixed up the post- I originally posted it around 1am

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