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TOR ate my KotOR
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Alright I finally found the perfect TOR character for me, Jedi Consular, Shadow. She is a little fiery Miraluka red head that is lightside, but very independent and non-traditional. Unlike Brem, Leyn’a seeks battle from Elites and Champions and has yet to find one she cannot defeat. However, my only problem is that she does not dress like a traditional jedi. I want more of Aayla Secura look and less of the 100 year old Jedi librarian look. Thus far I’ve gotten this look by wearing the dancers top and everything else traditional jedi, however Lynk is accusing Leyn’a of being a Priss want-to-be, so it is time to upgrade her style. As a trooper I got a random drop of a bare-midriff Jedi Knight top, it was orange, but does anyone know if there is something similar in light armor for the Jedi Consular that is orange? Or does anyone have Synthweaving and the schematic for something like this in orange light armor? I would pay you for it or trade high end biochem stuff for it.

Let me know if anyone can help...

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