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"It's horrifying, isn't it? Here we are, a Knight and a Master, still reeling from losing those who were dear to us. Now Voleran presents an even greater threat. I know that the first part of our Code says, There is no emotion; there is peace..., but even I know that's not always true. Whatever happens, I'll remain loyal, and won't let the Sith get either of us if it's within my power to prevent it."

The Miraluka smiled. "Actually, I'm only a knight. But earlier, before my master was killed I was supposed to take on a padawan. But after what I did...I didn't think I should take a padawan."

He clenched his fist and began to feel the anger that had once coursed through him at one point but he quickly began to recite the Jedi Code in his mind.

He than watched in shock as Varik closed the dormitory door behind him. He could sense the rage coming off him and was very surprised. He looked over at Per'dra and shook his head.

"Well, it looks like we're off to a fine start on this mission." He said quietly. "Already the majority of the people on this mission hate each other and we have only a very slight lead on Master Voleran."

He shook his head again.

Unknown location

A lone figure sat in silent meditation on the floor. He sat even as a small companel lit up next to him. "My lord, the plan is in full effect. Your Jedi pawn has succeded in obtaining the data and is on his way to meet with one of our operatives on Dromund Kaas."

The figure didn't open his eyes. "Are the sith aware? We cannot risk them interfering in our affairs."

"No my lord. However it appears that Voleran must have left some sort of clue. One of our jedi pawns has reported that a small group of individuals are heading for Tatooine in an attempt to intercept him."

A small smile appeared on the figure's face. "Dispatch Avelra. She is strong enough to kill them. instruct Voleran that he is to change course in order to reach Dromund Kaas."

"Yes my lord."
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