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Aboard the Light Corvette "Satele"

Per'dra lowered her voice so only Zarev would hear. "Honestly," she asked, "what did I do, besides being late, to get things off to such a bad start? I may be naive, but there's a reason I always try to control my emotions. Besides," she continued, "if we don't stop hating each other and start working together, then this mission is going to end before it even begins. For now, I'll stick with not talking about the Jedi Code from here on out, since right now it's only served as an object of ridicule." Turning to Zarev, she said, "You may not be ready to take on a Padawan right now, but in time...You have serious potential, and shouldn't deny it so quickly."

Unknown Location

Everything is on schedule, and secure in the palm of my hand.

The figure smiled underneath his hooded cloak. Was he a Jedi? Most certainly not, but neither was he a Sith. Throughout his life, he had only remained loyal to one cause and one side: his own. If pazaak players lived by the sole motto of "winner take all", then he was their inadvertent champion. Oddly, he had never even touched a card, finding gambling to be a frivolous activity. When there was a galaxy to be had, and people to be ruled, games didn't matter. Only potency did, and the figure exuded it. He stroked his ruddy left cheek.

I can't afford to lose, so I might have to play both sides versus the middle. Both the Jedi and the Sith are fools, and don't know how much power I command! However...if Avelra fails in her task, why should I destroy what I can use? Among this group of individuals sent to locate and dispatch Voleran, there must be at least one with a weak mind and a volatile disposition...
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