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Corsail sat in the cargo hold, brooding with anger. No matter how hard Corsail tried, he couldn't forget his past. He remembered when he was young he used to train with his father, he was to be a jedi.

However when the day came when he was to face his trials, the jedi order threw him out, saying that he had to much anger in his heart. What hurt Corsail most was the fact that his own father didn't defend him, he just stood there.

The next day his father along with other jedi were called out to defend another world, the world his family was living. A few days later word came the empire had killed everyone there and had taken the planet.

What good is the republic if they can't even defend their own planets? He thought.

Corsail had no one, everyone he knew was dead. He remembered the last thing he said to his mother was, "I'm going to become a jedi!" Before his father left to defend the world he had given Corsail his lightsaber, although he had no idea why.

He had force potential, however the only training he ever recieved was the days he trained with his father. Corsail turned his head and looked at a sealed lockbox sitting on top of a shelf, he closed his eyes and focused on it.

He tried to pull it towards him but the only thing he managed to accomplish was making it topple off the shelf. "Well, how about this?" Corsail whipped his blasters out and fire at the shelf bolts, everything on it fell off. "Much more effective."

Lets rock and role play!

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