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Aboard the Light Corvette "Satele"

He tried to pull it towards him but the only thing he managed to accomplish was making it topple off the shelf. "Well, how about this?" Corsail whipped his blasters out and fire at the shelf bolts, everything on it fell off. "Much more effective."

Per'dra raised an eyebrow. "Speaking of losing control..." She turned her head, almost imperceptibly, to where Corsail was destroying the nearest utility shelf. What's with him? her perplexed expression seemed to say. However, out loud, she told Zarev: "I'm waging war with my own past, too. I've done certain things that I haven't told any one of the Jedi Masters about yet, and I'm not anticipating doing so. I've faced it as much as I can, but the final battle within myself hasn't happened. It's all I can do to collect myself and focus on this mission, since my last one ended so quickly...and not neatly."

Clearing her throat, she continued, "Did you know Master Voleran well, at least before he defected? I must admit I had only a passing acquaintance."
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