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My Legacy Tree-

I will have pics up later.

Drayen (Chiss/ Bounty hunter) and his younger brother Gaeton (Chiss/ Jedi Knight) were orphans. Gaeton showed signs of the Force and was sent to the Jedi Order while Drayen grew up in the orphanage and later from his determination, and self-preservation (fights) made him a perfect bounty hunter since he had nothing that could be used against him since he had no family. Gaeton also shared his brother's pride and determination but his focus was for helping others, but he had issues with the whole unable to love. Gaeton felt a bond with the Jedi order but there was something missing.

Cole (zabrak- not maul style) and his younger brother Dagos (Zabrak- Maul style) came from parents who were both Zabraks. Dagos take after his mother more due to the red skin and sharper horns. Cole, Dagos and their parents where in a shuttle accident which killed their parents and place a burn scar on both of their faces on opposite sides since they huddle together when the fire came. After they lost their parents at the age of 8 and 12, Cole and Dagos went to live with their Uncle who worked on a Republic military base. Cole ended up taking a great interest in the military and life as a soldier who fights for something. Cole joins the Republic military at the age of 18 and would become a member of Havoc Squad. Dagos his brother had no interest in the military and became a lady's man and built a rep with the soldiers on base for the guy, who can get them women to party with and into the best Cantinas plus sneak in illegal items for the soldiers. This started Dagos's smuggling life. Dagos would later end up on Ord Mantel due to someone stealing his ship.

Cole has in the past help get his brother out of trouble but one time he didn't reach out to his brother due to the sensitivity of the issue so Dagos contacted Drayen (Bounty Hunter) who he actually smuggles weapons to. Dagos ended up with a Bounty on his head, and he needed Drayen's help so Dagos made a deal which kept Dagos alive by having Drayen kill the person who put the bounty on Dagos but in doing so Dayen could not continue to get arms from Dagos since it was bit of a shady deal. Drayen instead got extra funds when ever he needed it. These funds in part came from Dagos's brother Cole, who had a good salary and since he was always in the battlefield the money just sat there.

More to Come....

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