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*blows metaphorical dust off of thread* Phew...nearly a month's worth of dust. Let me assure you that this mod project, despite a month of not posting more, is still alive. (Aside: Huzzah; this thread has reached 2 pages!! ) Before I continue, let me say that I hate to sound like a broken record; however, I do have a friendly reminder to say before the update...

Team Member Recruitment
While one person can bring about change, progress takes off when multiple persons are working together on something. That being said, I am still in need of further modders to further Echo of the Force (hereafter called by its' acronym, EotF) in its' progression. Without further modders, this mod could be destined to move along slowly. So, the following list contains specific areas of modding (not limited, though, to these specific areas) that I am looking for in team members:
  • Modeling (Custom Modules, NPCs, etc)
  • Skinning (NPCs, planets, etc.)
  • Dialog Writing
  • Side Quest Ideas

If you are interested in helping to make EotF, send me a PM with your user name, the type of modding and a personal sample of that type of modding.

I have a few screenshots to visually show progress. (Yes, I will get back to setting up the plot/planets soon enough.) This time, like my last update, my modding has been focused on party members. I have been making placeholder utc's (including temporary portraits and custom appearances), ensuring their recruitment scripts will work, etc. As of the other day, I have only 2 more party members to make. As far as the screenshots go, christos200's Xin (from the contest) has his custom appearance. (I plan to get around to Warlord664's Saverak Vornskar in the near future.) Also, I decided to make a connection between the KotOR series and the prequel trilogy. I created a new skin for the war droid model that resembles the appearance of the Battle Droids. The first war droid in EotF that the player will see with this new skin is OB-48 from the Corsair Nova.

Show spoiler

Beginning with this post, I will have a dedicated section in my updates with questions that people ask about Echo of the Force. You can either post them in either the Deadly Stream thread, in this thread or PM/VM me. (I will keep the asker's user name anonymous when posting them.) If I get a bunch of them, I may record Q/A sessions and post them on YouTube.

Q: I'm pretty sure you've read the Revan novel. Thus, you know about T3-M4's fate. Therefore, how can T3-M4 be still alive in your mod?
A: I have known about T3's fate since I read the Revan novel. Right now, I merely listed him as a placeholder until I make a new astromech droid.

Q: How many years after KotOR 2 does KotOR: EotF occur?
A: KotOR: EotF takes place around 5 or so years after KotOR 2.

Q: Do you plan to include anybody from Revan's and the Exile's party members (aside from T3 and HK) in the game?
A: It has crossed my mind, but I have not come to a final decision about including other party members from the previous games.

So, I've doing so HTML coding recently for my future modding website. I would like your opinion before continuing to design and set it up: Would you prefer that finish the site for my previously released mods before or after finishing EotF's future site? (Both sites are already in progress.)

More Coming Soon...

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