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Locked in his quarters, Varik did something he'd never done in a long time. Meditate.

He sat cross-legged on the floor - trying desperately to dissipate the anger that was brooding outwards. What caused him to do such a thing? The last time he lashed out at somebody was when...

He withdrew from his memory of Light Fang. How he focused all of his anger onto him on Tatooine - blaming him for all of his misfortune. It was not a memory that he wished to remember.

But what, though? Why did he nearly kill Corsail? Why is he doing things he would never normally do before? Why all the anger? All of these questions swirled in his head like a typhoon - until all of them reached a focal point. Of course! It has been so obvious! Tulak Hord, you have been a subtle one indeed.

And now, now is when you will break., a voice responded in his head.

Pain. It was pain that Varik never before felt in his life. A lingered, horrid pain, that tore into every fiber of his being. His thoughts felt ripped apart, his actions felt numbed, and his vocal cords felt as if they had been shredded apart. His will felt as if a Star Destroyer crashed into it. He screamed a deafening scream, and clutched at his head.

"GET...OUT...OF...MY...HEAD!", Varik screamed, trying, but failing, to retain himself.

Give up, child! Your will has broken! Surrender, and the pain will stop!

"I...I...W-will not!", Varik yelled, valiantly fighting Hord.

Hord then pried open Varik's mind - picking apart each and every memory.

Your story, is one of hate, not of justice. How you hunted and killed Javir and Zhein out of revenge - not of blind vindication - that you hopelessly told yourself to try to justify the dozens murders on your hands. How you were once captured by mercenaries - along with that whore, Avidea Snocami. How you lost your lightsabers to a mere Mandalorian brute - and then killed him because you couldn't stand the humility of losing your lightsabers to a thug. And now here - how you couldn't stand dealing with the countess failures of your past, couldn't stand criticism from a mere spacer. Give up!

"SHUT UP!", Varik hollered, and used what was left of his power to block out Hord's influences - at least for a few moments.

Scrambling for his datapad, he hastily added a new entry.

Entry 316:
Here I am, a prisoner in my own mind. It isn't worth fighting anymore, my will has been broken down under months of subtle influence. Even the strongest of wills have their limits. I fear that mine has lost, and Tulak Hord has won. The pain is just unbearable, it's far worse than the worst torture that these current Sith can do. I fear that if Hord can't be vanquished from my spirit, I will be a tool of the dark side for eternity.

~ Varik

It was then, that the pain came back at full force. Varik had used what little of his reserves that were left to create a message in his datapad. Now, he is completely and utterly defenseless.

"I...I am broken. I give.", Varik said, admitting defeat.

The pain stopped, but at a price. Varik's spirit is now twisted - as a slave to Tulak Hord.


Kif looked to his side to see Traver chewing on spice. He cocked an eyebrow at his old friend.

"Are you alright?", he asked Traver.

Suddenly, he heard screaming - coming from Varik's room. He ran past everyone and stopped right in front of Varik's dormitory.

"Varik! Varik, are you alright?!", he yelled, banging on the door for a response.

He heard footsteps behind him, and a sudden silence in the dormitory.

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