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Tatooine Docks
Light was relaxing at the docks, awaiting what the message he'd recieved described as a "squad" of "talented individuals" who he would be assisting for this mission.

The streets were quiet, which was unusual. Here at the docks, something was always happening. There was no sandstorm presently. Light had, at first not understood. Then, he noticed a couple of things. First, the only person he saw anywhere near the dock was a female. She had this deadly aura about her. And he couldn't be sure, but every once in a while, he thought he saw the barrel of a blaster, rifle, or some other gun appear out of some of the nearby buildings' windows.

Light decided to wait, as it had served him well in the past. If it turned in to a fight, Light thought it would be a good test of the "squad", though it wouldn't stop him from warning them and helping if it became too much for them to handle.
An interesting demonstration of abilities, he thought contemplatively. He had a prior reputation for stylish entrances. We'll see what they can do.

With that he knelt, and began to attempt to sense their arrival. He would send them a warning with a mental image of the woman and the empty streets as soon as he felt their presence.

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