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Law Snoll, it is still a public holiday over here, but all these "we are same people" rhetoric works until "the big brother" comes in... So, we are not in the same country, we never were. My grandfather was a machine-gunner in the Caucasus front (was wounded badly) he went there right from the jail since he was arrested in 1937. His little brother was a commander of a detached machine gun battalion, fought in the Western front, perished in the Rjev meat-grinder, 120 km from Moscow. We found by a chance where his remains are re-buried only two years ago.
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LukA_YJK, sure. We now use to live in different states... but in same country. We are different folks, but same people. We have different cultures and religions, but we have same dream and mission. Together we can overthrow any aggressor, and until aggressor can't separate us, we are invincible.

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