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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
Who said it needs to be a Shakespeare play?
The Pope.

Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
Who said comic book adaptations are immune to criticism?

I like the Nolan Batman movies better... this was just Iron Man and Friends... which is great, cause I loved both Iron Man movies... but it's still a valid criticism.
I love the Nolan Batman movies too he's done an amazing job with them. This movie though (if you're a comic book fan) ticks all the right boxes for a flawless comic book adaptation because it has so much detail and love for the genre in it. But it also keeps it accessible for people not too familiar with the genre and a newer generation of fans whilst blending together a lot of established characters in a well thought out manner. TBH I don't see Nolan doing that, he's good at what he does, Whedon did an epic job with this one.

People saying "oh the story is so predictable blablabla" are just criticising for the sake of it, it's a Marvel movie what did they expect? It's like going to watch a Pixar film and moan about it being animated 3D, utterly pointless

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