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Yet another week unable to Access Fusion and StarwarsKnights. The weirdest thing is that I was finally able to get into SWK itself (Not the poster's interface) and it comes up as of November of last year instead of last month.

Go figure.

But I can keep trying to do my job, so without further ado...

Over at Coruscant Entertainment Center MsFicwriter score a pick and tie for best this week with SW: TOR: Reckoning of a Lost Soul: A Prime Candidate

Over at Mediator Zhang scored a pick for Bastila's Interviews but Peter J Gaffney tied for best with KOTOR; The making of

Then from kotorfanmedia Ghostie scored a pick for One Two Three The Rise of Calo Nord along with Greengrass1914 for Those Who Trespass Against Us while knightoftheoldrepublicis the last in the three way tie with The Silver Lining - Prologue - The Escape

Back to my writing...

Coruscant Entertainment Center

Star Wars The Old Republic: Despair and Hope
Chevron 7 locke

SW TOR On Taris: A Sith feels an emotion that has nothing to do with evil

The piece is up to the author's standards, which are high. The only problems I had with it were technical, and in order...

Technical notes: An interceptor is a specific type of ship, and is usually what the genre calls a snub fighter. Of course that means you don't have room for more than two in such a ship.

Second, a space on a ship is called a compartment, not a room.

Good work, keep it up.

Varik's Tale: Prologue

SW set in the Old Republic game on Iziz: A trap is set

As it is a prologue, it is short, as expected. The beginning was a bit of a disappointment because the two now dead people were not even introduced or characterized, though of course they were dead so quickly it doesn't really matter, merely a quirk of my own

The dialogue worked to clear the air instead, and I am awaiting more.

SW: TOR: Reckoning of a Lost Soul: A Prime Candidate

Set in TOR on Coruscant: Part five of the ongoing epic, Another shock for our hero

I like it when an author throws in an unexpected plot twist, and this author scored big time with her revelation of who she is protecting. The story is flowing well and the only complaint I have is the same thing that allows her to recognize who he is should also work on her. But that's me nitpicking...

Pick of the Week

Bastila's Interviews
Mediator Zhang

KOTOR aboard Ebon Hawk: As the voyage progresses, Bastila interviews her compatriots for a news program.

The piece was short for obvious reasons, and while I knew the problem almost immediately, I still chuckled as Bastila suffered the same affliction. From what I did read, I know it is probably as funny all the way through.

Pick of the Week


KOTOR on Tatooine: Such a small thing...

The piece starts out softly, with the party merely talking to the Sand People, then degenerates into a full blown melee because of a simple accident. This didn't surprise me; when you have two different cultures interacting, it is a given that you can do something badly wrong merely by accident. Robert Heinlein in a commentary he did on a possible first cotanct situation suggested something off the wall; having a one man band perform. Not because they would understand or appreciate, rather that it would be something so bizarre that the human side would get a look into the alien's mentality. Having attempted to loot the Sand People's lair without starting a fight first (Some advice, don't) I knew it would happen.

The odd things for me were two; first, Avery (Revan) seemed to have a flashback moment like a sufferer of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) when she refers to the Sand People as Mandalorians. Then going into a fugue not unlike berserkergang (The name for a berserker rage) but in healing.

The Sith Lords Cut Ending

TSL on Malachor V: Kreia deals with the others before dealing with the Exile.

The piece is based on cut scene dialogue. After reading this work I'm going to have find it for myself.

KOTOR; The making of
Peter J Gaffney

PreKOTOR Parody: Viewing the game action from the inside...

Considering all of the characters as actors, the piece is a lot of fun. The ships being bought as props, Juhani as costume mistress because she likes to sleep on the piled up cloth...

Pick of the Week

A Hero's Return

Seven years Post KOTOR: Revan finally returns

The piece was a little flat, the return just Revan walking in and saying hi.

The adventures of Gurt Regald
Gurt Regald

Post TSL: The adventures of a Republic captain

The piece is too short to get a feel, but came across a little marisue.


One Two Three The Rise of Calo Nord

Pre KOTOR: As the twig is bent...

The piece gives an excellent view of the life of someone downtrodden until he strikes back. The reasoning behind where the mysterious food comes from briefly is well explained, and his vengeance is superbly done.

Pick of the Week

In the Dark - Chapter One
Cameron Brooke

KOTOR on Taris: Another survivor of the Endar Spire is helped to escape

The piece covers one of the survivors handed off to the doctor. The intro gives you someone alone, and still trying to resist. Well worth reading.


Pre-KOTOR to the present: While Revan returns to complete her mission, six clones of the woman are being raised...

The concept is interesting, adding the Kamino to the mix and now having six extra Revans would be make life interesting in this world. Only one technical problem.

Technical note: You don't see hyper capable fighters until AOTC, and they used hyper rings. There is no mention in the games of such devices.

The only part I thought was a bit overdone was Hagan's automatic assumption that havoc would automatically follow the clones. While possible, it might just be a bunch of kids free of restrictions for the first time.


KOTOR on Star Forge: The third option

First option, Light Side, Second, Dark Side, Third, a stalemate. The only problem I had with the piece was the Judea-Christian aspect, to succeed, we have to die.

The Silver Lining - Prologue - The Escape

KOTOR after the escape from Taris: The crew settles into being aboard the Ebon Hawk

The aftermath of the battle in the hanger was well done, and the escape, including the battle in the apartment building perfect.

The only problem I had was with Carth not being a pilot, and a fashion plate to boot. Bastila's being in search of a place to dress was also funny. T3 being a little porn factory was a riot.

Pick of the Week

Those Who Trespass Against Us

PreKOTOR Aboard Leviathan: Saul Karath assists in recruiting one new Sith Hopeful

The piece is well done, showing both the degradation of the survivors, and the crew's distaste in dealing with them. Karath comes across both avuncular, and insulting to Dustil, and it is his actions that finally drives Dustil into the arms of the Sith. His rationalization; that he saved Carth's son sounds a little forced.

Pick of the Week

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

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