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Originally Posted by arsenalforever View Post
If you see the Exile's conversation with Zez on Nar Shaddaa, you'll clearly see him taking the Exile's side and talking about his decision to leave the Council on the very day the Exile was cast out. He also said that it wasn't the Exile's fault that he went to war and that he had lost Padawans who joined the war too. I really thought he was different from Vrook but then again on Dantooine he finally turns out to be as cranky and stingy as Vrook and possesses the same "arrogance" which he detests so much. Hypocrite alert lol.

Atleast Vrook is honest about hating the Exile from the beginning, but Zez really pissed me off lol.
The answer is, somewhat simple. I think this was said before, but I can't be sure. But the reason they all take a stance against you? They think the Exile's power is exactly like Nihlius' power, even if they don't know of him specifically. The best way to explain it, is to see people like a container of water. While Nihlius will drain it completely, and stop it from being refilled, the Exile takes the excess, whatever spills over when it is already full. It is interesting that they fail to take into consideration anything the the Exile says, even when she went so far as to prove many times over just how much of a Jedi they are(barring Kreia's explanation of the whole thing, mind you, but they don't know that). But them being hypocritical somewhat makes sense. The have firm ideals on what a Jedi is, and when the Exile doesn't fit this, they might not exactly consider them a Sith, but in the least, a threat to what being a Jedi is/means.

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