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Originally Posted by LDR View Post
That's a big bottle. Maybe you could use it as scenery or something (or hang it on the wall XD)?
Héhéhé, haven't thought of that. I made some commercial signs for the other area; but not something like that

Originally Posted by logan23 View Post
You could take it and turn it right side up or down then place it into the side a wall and there you have some Lab chemical chamber. You can always find a way to re use items and textures to bring new life to it. =)
Just a matter of playing with it.

Great job !
Thanks, so far there are no drug labs involved in my little story. It's all about tapes

Originally Posted by Canderis View Post
That. Is. Awesome.
Thank you ^_^

Originally Posted by Zhaboka View Post
HAHAHAHA that is one huge bottle. I'm glad Magnus could work his magic for you! I hope those glorious lightmaps can be preserved.
I'm pretty pleased aswell Magnus came back and saved the day. I'll be messing about with lightmaps soon enough. Though it's time consuming to render it all out.

Now for an update. Remember the Red&Blue club? I showed off some renders a couple of posts back in time. This time I can show it in the game! Pretty pleased how it looks. It's a bit bright now, due to no lightmaps. But hey, that newer Kaurora is very powerfull stuff.

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