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Aboard the Light Corvette "Satele"

Per'dra activated her saberstaff with a surprisingly aggressive snap-hiss, her muscles tense. A guttural sound emerged from between her teeth, halfway between a hiss and a growl. Then, just as suddenly as she'd sprung into attack mode, she stood down, extinguishing the two silver blades. Closing her eyes, she remembered the ferocious assault on Pfon Urazhai, a pureblood Sith apprentice, which she'd carried out on her previous mission. That was why her head sank forward wearily, and she motioned for Zarev to bend down and listen closely.

"The Dark Side is strong here," she murmured, "and it's making me uneasy. I was poised to attack when I saw no imminent threat with my own eyes, and that's why I've only been recently promoted to a Jedi Knight! Be watchful, because it's still pulsating. I can feel it in my temples." A cold sweat broke on her forehead.
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