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Also another thing, when we speak to Kavar on Onderon after the Civil War, he says that the Jedi in order to hide themselves, went to planets touched by war because it would be difficult for the Sith to detect them through the Force in such planets right? But later he says

"Worlds touched by war, or great tragedies, can be felt within the Force...strongly"

Isn't this a contradiction to what he says earlier?

Also, he says that the echoes they felt from the Exile were similar to those they felt from the Sith threat, so how does cutting the Exile off from the Force help them achieve anything?

Here's a list of all the things the Exile did for the Republic:

1. Aided in the restoration effort on Telos by helping the Ithorians
2. Offered help against the Sith threat to Atris and the Masters
3. Crippled the Exchange (On Telos and Nar Shaddaa)
4. Destroyed Goto's yatch.
5. Helped the settlers on Dantooine and protected Khoonda from the mercenary attack.
6. Helped Queen Talia on Onderon

Zez himself admitted that he saw the Exile run around Nar Shaddaa helping those in the Refugee Sector, etc. and felt ashamed that he didn't try to help people. He commended the Exile for his efforts, and what does he do on Dantooine?

Even after seeing the Exile do so much, why do the Masters still believe him/her to be the threat to them? Just because he turned away from the Force? Just because he didn't rely on the Force as heavily as they did? Atleast he/she helped the Republic, the Jedi Masters were just hiding and doing nothing.
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