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Been doing story ops, by no means am I great or ready to single-handedly take out a Ops boss on my own, but I'm fairly confident in my healers abilities. Last Ops died twice, once was stupid, trying to keep the other healer up right by hitting with a big heal which required me to remain stationary while getting hit with flames. Got the big heal off that most likely saved the other healer, but died in the process (so it was stupid). The other death was not my fault. We wiped in the one on one fights, because someone used AOE heal or something. Wasn't me, I took Kolto Cloud off the bar before the fight and my target was dead before the wipe.

So my questions is, after I get my hat, what should I be doing, other than waiting for guild members to reach 50 to heal through their HMFPs? How do I know when I'm ready for the next level of Ops? Is it only gear related and when I get the last piece, my hat, I'm ready? Should I just continue to do more story Ops, but only going when they need a healer? I have improve over my hopeless, under-geared self that attempted to do HMFP without a proper understanding of my abilities, I don't want to lose the momentum. However, I also don't want take up places in story mode ops from fresh 50 toons.

If it wasn't a issue, I would be happy sticking with story mode at least 2 or 3 more times. Would really like to complete a Ops without have to use resurrect once to know I was ready for the next level and I am fairly confident I can get to that level as a healer. Provide people don't stand in lava.

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