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"What old friend? There's no one else in your quarters except for you, Varik.

"I was... reminded... of terrible memories of the past. Memories I've wished forgotten.", Hord replied.

"Still, weren't your--You have blue eyes, don't you? Why do they look so strange, of that sickly golden-green color? Are you ill, or what?"

"My eyes were never blue, you must be mistaken. My eyes are viridian. We've never spoken face-to-face, so it's understandable that you might've thought I had different eyes.", he replied. "But hey, at least they aren't pure gold right? Hah!", he finished, laughing.

"You really are an insane lunatic, there nobody in here but you."

He turned and looked at the smuggler, anger brewing once again. "I'll let your little comment slide this time, spacer.", he said, pointing a finger at Corsail, "Next time, I'll kill you. You're nothing more than a liability.".


Kif was leaning on a wall when he noticed Vlakor walk into the Main Hold.

"Hey, is Varik alright? He looked...pale.", Kif asked, looking for conversation.

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