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He turned and looked at the smuggler, anger brewing once again. "I'll let your little comment slide this time, spacer.", he said, pointing a finger at Corsail, "Next time, I'll kill you. You're nothing more than a liability.".

Just try it, I'd be more then happy to blast your face off. He thought to himself.

He turned to walk towards the exit ramp, Wait a minute, Varik did have blue eyes. He thought. He remembered pretty clearly, he was only a few inches away from Variks face when he had been picked up.

Is that common for jedi? He thought. He checked both of his blasters to make sure they were fully charged as he was walking towards the exit ramp.

"Do you prefer this jedi alive or dead?" He asked. "Because now will probably be a good time to tell me if you don't want him to be a corpse."

Lets rock and role play!
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