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Can't say I'm all that surprised. On one hand LA is money savvy, on the other this is exactly why being cheapskate will catch up with you. Like a boxer that doesn't want to pay too much for sparring partners taken to an unreasonable extreme; eventually he deprives himself the practice he needs and an opponent gets the better of him, likewise LA has a long established pattern of running from one developer after an initially successful release to find a cheaper developer for their next game. You can only disguise letting the money go to your head so many times before it becomes painfully obvious. And such moves will make rival/competitor devs wary of doing business with you.

Another example of LA having done the same: Zombies Ate My Neighbors and it's so-called sequel Ghoul Patrol.
For ZAMN, LA hired Konami. The game was a hit for both SNES and Sega. A raving hit. It was a game that took characters from horror films and other films, made passable parodies and drew you in. It had more or less a storyline.

The second game, however, is not well known if it even registers at all with ZAMN fans. As you can well guess, LA ditched Konami. Instead they went with JVC. I would not necessarily call GP a terrible game, but it is largely disconnected from the first. So much so that I am reticent to acknowledge it as a sequel. I don't blame JVC. Some on YT comments have tried to blame JVC; I blame L.A. for cheaping out which apparently had its own hidden price apparent in the glaring disconnection from the first game.
It bears a bit more explanation of my analyses as to why GP wasn't as good as ZAMN, but let's just say GP can be at best summed up as the continued adventures of Zeke and Julie (the player characters). That's, it because GP itself has little if anything to do with ZAMN.

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