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Originally Posted by snommism View Post
lol. Yeah I guess to add to my above "are you ready for the next level," as a healer, it also depends on your team. If people are constantly taking stupid damage then even the best healer is going to struggle.
Never know about my team...Most of my guild is way ahead or way behind me so I've been running ops with Casual Alliance. In all but one Ops this has worked out really well. Even the one bad Ops the team was decent with the exception of we kept hitting the enrage timer with Gharj. Must have wiped 6 to 10 times, not sure how many, a couple times I was still standing during enrage and I just escaped from combat. Not really sure what the problem was. My guess is we were lacking in range attacks, too many first timers, too many tanks trying to DPS and one guy standing in lava the entire fight. Had he not been in the lava I may have had enough energy to do a little DPS to help with the last 2% of Gharj health. We got him to 2% or 3% a couple times before he enraged.

Did Eternity Vault again last Saturday and made it through no problems at all, with the same two healers. So I donít believe I was the problem the first time, but I have gotten better too, thanks largely to all the practice I received from that first time through Eternity and dealing with Gharj so many times.

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