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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Can't believe ChAiNz would even write something like that about Skyrim, yes I'm sure the game does get a little dull after you played it every waking hour for a month. Most of last November and December I got a little concerned about ChAiNz when I logged into Steam and he was not there, which wasn't often (Lynk and company most likely think the same about me in TOR).
hehe.. don't get me wrong... LOVE me some Skyrim, but after 400+ hours on my largest save atm, I had to take some downtime

I'll probably give Diablo III a shot eventually. I noticed it's not on Steam though, so it may be even longer before I check it out. Never liked Battlenet.. not sure I trust them with my card and brick-n-morter store visits are few and far between working hours. Weekend stuff at best.

Demon Hunter though... will be playing Demon Hunter class first if I do get around to starting it.. hehe.

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