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I would like to use Lightning, Storm, Whirlwind and Wave at any time.

Hi there! Iīve read in something about Revanīs Force abilities, and you can read: "Revan could use the Force to create a whirlwind of Force energy to overwhelm his opponents" (the previous power of the "Force Wave") and "Revan was proficient in the application of Force lightning and Force Storm". But, in the KotOR, we can only use "Force Lightning" or "Force Storm", and "Force Whirlwind" or "Force Wave", depending on which power we select when we get a new level.

So, what if we could use the four powers whenever we wanted? I mean I would like to know what I have to do (what file I have to edit with the KotOR Tool and how), so the PC can use both "Force Lightning" and "Force Storm" anytime I wanted. I mean if you want to get the "Force Storm" power then you have to select "Force Shock", and later "Force Lightning/Ray", and then you can select "Force Storm". But, what if we could have both of them and use them whenever we wanted? And the same with the "Force Whirlwind" and the "Force Wave". And for both KotOR 1 and 2.

I ask it also because Iīve seen a couple of mods quite interesting in "Chained Force Lightning" and "Enhanced Force Lightning colour K1 (1.0)"; theyīre old, but interesting, and just for the "Force Lightning", so I would like to have the option of using an improved "Force Lightning" power and also the "Force Storm" power. And also both "Force Whirlwind" and "Force Wave".

I donīt know if itīs possible to do it, and I have no idea what to edit and how, so I need a little help.
Or if any of you are interested in doing a mod of this... In fact, I think to remember thereīs a mod (or there was) that makes something like this, it gives us the option of selecting any level of any of the powers our character already has (or something like this, maybe Iīm wrong), but I saw it a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... Iīve been looking for it in and in "Taris Upper City Emp.", but I havenīt found it, maybe I havenīt searched well enough.
But, in any case, Iīm just interested in having the four powers told before: "Force Lightning", "Force Storm", "Force Whirlwind" and "Force Wave", for Kotor 1 and 2.

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