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Originally Posted by jedi_consular16 View Post
Was that 400 hours all spent on original content; as in like, new quests/dungeons/etc..or was 50 hours of it spent arranging your weapons in display cases?

I've only put in about 80 hours on my first character, and for various reasons have not been able to play my 360 lately. I'm curious to see how much I still have left to experience.
I could go for days on Elder Scrolls, but I'm afraid I've bogarted Prime's thread far too much. I will say I've explored just about everything in the world by now though.

Anywho.. no more derailing from me Prime! Promise!


On Topic:

This isn't looking so good for Blizzard

Diablo 3 user review average plumits to 3.6 on Metacritic

Angry PC gamers have responded to Blizzard's server woes by submitting hundreds of negative Diablo 3 reviews and dragging its average down to a lowly 3.6.

A total of 1965 user reviews have been submitted at the time of writing and 914 of those are listed as negative. The fury has been shotgunned at the game in general, its connection woes and the always-on internet requirement.

I didn't realize you had to be "always-on" to play? When did this sneak past me? Or is this something similar to Steam's approach (which admittedly, isn't really an issue for me).

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