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Tatooine Docks
Light sensed a change in his environment. He opened his eyes and no longer saw the woman, yet the streets remained empty. He was an excellent multitasker. So, while he was scanning his environment, he continued sending his message, since he had sensed several Force presences. He was still curious about the woman's sudden disapperance.

Maybe she wasn't so dangerous, he thought, or maybe she was very dangerous indeed.

He couldn't keep sending his message and search for her with his senses or with the Force, despite his ability to mutitask. Looking up, he noticed a large black mark in the sky now.

Probably them, or a bird, but I haven't seen too many of them here... Well, they'll get my message soon enough if it is them.

Light was aware that none of the presences had yet recieved his message, which he considered slightly troubling. He concentrated again on sending his message, closing his eyes and sending his message further.

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