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Zarev had just walked off the exit ramp when he recieved a sudden image within his mind. A vision of a woman with a violet lightsaber standing in an empty street.

What the...? was the only thought that he had time to think before he sensed a sudden darkness above him. He quickly ignited his green double-bladed lightsaber just as the woman from the image within his mind brought her lightsaber down on his own, knocking him back and sending him down to the ground.

"Everyone down!" He shouted urgently as a sudden barrage of blaster bolts that came from the buildings facing the hanger bay streaked through the air and blew holes in the wall and in the ground.

Vlalkor ran down the ramp as soon as he heard the sound of an igniting lightsaber and hesitated for just a moment before pulling his rifle off his back and running toward Zarev.

"Stay down!" Vlalkor shouted as he fired a volly of supression fire at the woman with the violet lightsaber who was able to block it and deflect it back towards him without a second thought.

"Multiple hostiles!" Vlakor shouted back at the group. "Force user with unknown capabilities." He called out as he continued firing at the assassin.
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