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Zarev managed to finally get to his feet as he rolled under the volly of blaster bolts and brought and dropped into an offensive stance.

"You made a big mistake not killing me when you had the chance." Zarev said quietly as he advanced towards the assassin who force pushed Vlalkor back into a wall, knocking the blaster rifle from his hands.

The assassin smiled and threw back the hood and Zarev's eyes widended in shock.

"Avelra?" He didn't get a chance to say anything else as she grabbed him with the force and lifted him into the air and began to crush the life from him.

This can't be true...or possible for that matter. She disappeared nearly a year ago I can't sense...anything from her. I can't sense the darkside or the lightside in her.How is this possible?"

Zarev's vision was begining to go dark as he felt his ribs begining to crack under the pressure.

"Avelra...S-Stop this. Don't you remember me?" he asked her as his voice cracked.
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