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Per'dra noticed Zarev being levitated by one of their numerous attackers, who appeared to be female. She was crushing his ribcage through the Force, and it was fortunate that the Knight knew a Form IV, or Ataru, acrobatic technique. Within nanoseconds, she had closed the distance between herself and their enemy, and without another word, Per'dra slashed her sabers downward.

The assassin's body, now split into a top half and a bottom half, stopped moving. Her head and torso unceremoniously, and bloodlessly, tumbled to the ground because the heat from Per'dra's blades had cauterized the wound. As sickening as this attack had been, it was only half of what she'd done to Pfon Urazhai on Korriban. "OOF! Are you all right?" she asked Zarev as his body collided with hers. He had been in the air, but "what goes up must come down..."

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