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Light had been moving since the ship landed. He noted which buildings were firing on it, and climbed to the roof of one without the aid of the Force.

He cut a hole, using his newly repaired one-handed silver lightsabers, a couple feet bigger than he was in each direction. With the announcement of a yelp from below as the chunk of roof he had cut fell onto one off the assailants, he jumped through the hole. There were only three in the uppermost floor of this building, and one lay bleeding on the floor under the neatly cut section of the roof.

Light, not stopping to question the two uninjured bad guys, cut their sniper rifles in half, kicked one out of the window, and, spinning, sliced the head off of the other. The injured one began screaming, and quickly found a saber near his throat. "How many more of you are there in this building? Answer and live." Light questioned without pity, mercy, or remorse in his voice. The soldier began blabbering, and Light deciphered it as "Five on the floor below, seven on the floor below that. Twelve total. Lower floors are unused and the stairs to the unused floors are trashed and barricaded."

The man's blabbering quickly stopped as a boot hit him in the head. Light lifter the section of the roof off of the man, leaning it against the wall. He started to move towards the stairs, but 5 men armed with blasters and machine guns were coming up them.

The stairs were narrow though, so only two could get a clear line-of-fire at a time. Light deflected the first two bolts, one of which nailed the assailant who had fired it in the skull. He went down in a heap, his allies stepping over his body as it slid down the stairs limply. Four left, Light was forced to deflect more bolts before he quickly finished them. None surrendered, down to the last. Seven more in this building. I hope the "squad" is doing okay. He hadn't thought there would be quite so many, nor a Force-user amongst them.
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