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Tatooine spaceport
Outside hanger Three

"OOF! Are you all right?"

Zarev had simply watched in horror as Per'dra had killed Avelra but he knew that she had had no choice but to do it. He could feel a few of his ribs had been cracked and one of his lungs was seriously hurting him. he turned to Per'dra and nodded even as a single tear escaped his eyes.

"I'm fine." He said quietly as he staggered to his feet and barely managed to send a few blaster bolts that had been fired back into the building they had been fired from. There were fewer of them than there had been earlier.

"We need to get rid of the ones firing at us from the building. And I might be wrong but we may have an ally in the building. There are a lot less blaster bolts being fired. I'd help...but one of my lungs is really hurting. Can you take care of them?"
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