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Hord jumped out of the ship and onto the ground. The few assailants that were present were hiding in the buildings, like cowards. The one on the left was supposedly causing the most havoc, so he ran towards it and entered the basement. There he saw three thugs run towards him. He Force shoved all three of them, smashing them into the wall with sickening bone-crushing force.

He rent apart the makeshift barricades that were blocking his entrance, but the stairways were trashed, and others were completely destroyed. So instead, he found a hole in the rubble and Force jumped through it. When he reached the area where the stairs weren't destroyed, he saw two other thugs. Before they could even grab their weapons, Hord used the Force to drain the life out of both of them - utterly destroying them.


Kif jumped into cover and attempted to shoot at the assailants in the building. However, he failed to bring any power packs with him - and his blaster pistol was dead. Son of a... he cursed to himself.

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