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TSL - Darth Malak model animations

Looking for a little insight from those with greater knowledge than me...I've been messing around with the Darth Malak model and its animations. For those who are unfamiliar..the tsl Malak is missing some animations, so if you use the character as an npc or pc he stands still during combat for certain animations. Short story.

Here's my question. I loaded up K1 for the first time in many years to get a look at the malak model in K1 to do some comparisons. To my surprise it has the same animations as the TSL model. So I figured maybe they did something different on the .utc for module sta_m45ad to compensate. Copied those details and transferred it over to my .utc file in K2. Helped a little. Now I haven't played K1 in years, but I don't recall Malak in the final fight scene having any delays or pauses. Were there issues with his animations in K1? Looking at animations2da and combatanimations2da...both seem identical for relevant animations. Can't understand why it would work for one game and not the other.


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