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"We need to get rid of the ones firing at us from the building. And I might be wrong but we may have an ally in the building. There are a lot less blaster bolts being fired. I'd help...but one of my lungs is really hurting. Can you take care of them?"

"It's a good thing that I had one of the loyal Jedi Masters teach me more about advanced Force healing techniques between my last mission and now. Lie down, and I'll cover you." Per'dra, in the depths of her anxiety and concern for Zarev, did not notice how this statement might otherwise be taken by someone with a more worldly mind! Therefore, she wrapped her arms around her ally without passion, closed her eyes, and began to radiate warm and salubrious Force power into his chest cavity. She sensed agonizing pain underneath Zarev's rather unshaken exterior, and it was this torture to which she addressed herself.
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