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Corsail dropped back behind cover to recharge his blasters, "That should do it." He said, stuffing a energy pack into both of his blasters. When he came up to start shooting again his jaw dropped, He saw Per'dra wrapping her arms around Zarev. Corsail stood staring in disbelief, "What in the-" A blaster bolt scraped Corsails shoulder. "Arghh!" He quickly dropped to the ground dodging the rest of the blaster fire.

He cursed to himself. Blasted jedi, their going to get us killed. He thought. He jumpped up ignoring the pain coming from his shoulder, he let out a cone of blaster fire making their enemys duck behind cover.

He saw Varik run inside the building. Maybe I'll get lucky and someone will put a blaster bolt through his head. He thought to himself.

Lets rock and role play!

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