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"It's a good thing that I had one of the loyal Jedi Masters teach me more about advanced Force healing techniques between my last mission and now. Lie down, and I'll cover you."

Zarev's eyes widened for a moment before he finally understood what Per'dra was doing. He fought as hard as he could to try and keep the pain from radiating out in the force, fearing that the smallest disruption in the force would throw one of the squad off and get them killed by blaster fire.

"Thank you..." Zarev muttered quietly as he felt a bit of the pain go away. He was still hurting very badly but he knew he wouldn't die as long as Per'dra helped him.

Zarev saw that one of the attackers was taking aim at Per'dra who apparently was so focused on saving his life that she didn't notice him.

Zarev's used the force to summon a blaster from one of the fallen attackers to his hand and fired it three times, the first two shots missed the attacker but the third hit him in the shoulder. Zarev winced in pain. Even calling on the force was starting to hurt him now.
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