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Ok I have solved it now, I know that the problem was the new Nvidia Drivers,

So to get it to work i only had to downgrade the drivers. and that was actually about time because i been having other problems to with the newest driver(like weird purple screen freeze,), and many other people to , there are many threads about it. Now its is playable , it works Fine in game without any problems at all but the main menu and in-game menu is a little bit weird, every time i press Esc it gets stuck like i said before ,for a couple of seconds, but i can live with that,

So if any other experience any problems and have Nividia GTX G-force 560 IT , or any other in the 500 serie downgrade from 296.10 to 285.62 and it will work, and the other problems will go away as well. Until they release a new update.
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