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"How many attackers are left? Can you tell?"

Zarev nodded slowly and reached out and sensed three more people in the immediate area with hostile intentions. Two were located in the building but the third...The third was getting closer and closer but he couldn't see him. According to his senses, the third attacker was right next to them.

And then it hit him like a blaster bolt.

Stealth field. The third one must be using a stealth field.

Zarev looked behind Per'dra and noticed a slight shimmering in the air. It looked as if a slight outline of a person was raising a weapon.

"Behind you...There's three of them" He whispered painfully. "One of them is right behind you."

Zarev used what was close to the last of his strength to roll onto his side, barely managing to move Per'dra out of the way of the blade sliced into his side.
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