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Originally Posted by Obi-Wan Bologna View Post
Probably post a list of the mods you have used. May be more possible for us to determine if that's the culprit.
the mods i use are a_robe_27,ebon_2011,comp,darth dementous mod, di_ehls,flamethrower,movie mandalorians,ffvii,warp_console_v11.0,rfpra,
improve_feats_fast_plus_wrist_rocket_feat,k2_forms _v2.TSLRCM 1.7,kolto_on_ebon,navy_hawk, molotov_cocktail,npc_fast_exp_v1,pcs_holocron,reva mped_grenades,skiptelos,sthlforcep2,sthlforcepv2u1 ,stormtrooper_tsl,tc_gpslocator,tsl_moviestyle_lig htsaber_blades,tsl_new_loading_screens,visual_effe cts_tsl.sorry if thats a lot of mods

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