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Zarev was fighting to keep his eyes open even as he heard the scream of the assassin wearing the stealth field generator. He winced as he heard the spine crack. He didn't think that that particular assassin would be able to fight anymore.

"Where is everyone? Surely you and I aren't the only ones left alive."

As Zarev turned to look around for the rest of the squad, he saw that Vlalkor's rifle had been cracked and was no longer working. The Havoc Squad trooper was firing a blaster pistol at the window where one of the assassins was firing back at him.

Vlalkor grinned as he pulled a concussion grenade off of his belt and threw it at the wall of the building, he was hoping that he could knock the assassins out and question them.

The concussion grenade was halfway to hitting the wall when a blaster bolt hit it in midair, detonating it early.

"Will someone take care of the last of these thugs?!" Vlalkor shouted as he rubbed his eyes as he took cover behind a wall as he waited for his vision to fully return.
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