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"Will someone take care of the last of these thugs?!"

Whats taking that jedi so long to deal with those thugs? Maybe he'd gotten killed afterall. he thought to himself. He let a few more shots fly towards the thug in the window, the bolts hit the side of the window sending scorching sparks into the thugs face. Corsail took this opportunity to rush to a better location where he could get a better shot.

The thug wiped his eyes and looked where Corsail was sitting to fire back at him, by time he realised Corsail had moved, a blaster bolt had blown through his shoulder. The thug cried out in pain and hit the floor. He didn't know if the thug was dead, but he probably wasn't getting back up to fight.

"How many do you think are left?" he asked to no one in particular.

Lets rock and role play!
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