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Originally Posted by arsenalforever View Post
So just because the Exile doesn't rely heavily on the force, she doesn't NEED the Force anymore.
Yes, that's correct. Well, sort of.
Was this the theory of the Jedi Masters or did they fear that if in the future, if the Exile turned to the dark side, she would get people to follow her with ease and aid in her cause to destroy the Jedi/Republic?
The Exile cast echoes that made them doubt their belief in the Force. It wasn't something of the dark side, it was just a wound, an absence of the Force. Back during the Exile's trial, they didn't understand it; they thought it was some kind of fluke that couldn't be replicated. But then they felt it again from the Sith who were hunting them. So yes, they were afraid that this ability could be taught, that the echo was spreading, and when touched by the dark side it was capable of terrible things. But frankly I think these are all just excuses; they feared the echo itself, not just its effects. There was nothing the Exile could do to change their minds, they didn't see the Exile as a person, just a hole that had to be plugged.
And another thing, when Kreia steps in, she says that Revan knew dark places in the galaxy where Jedi were corrupted and where he made them believe in his cause, was she referring to Korriban?
She was referring to Malachor, but Korriban is one of those place also.
And another thing, Revan left Onderon intact didn't he? Onderon was not touched by war?
Onderon was invaded during the Mandalorian Wars, but wasn't a major part of the Jedi Civil War because Revan thought it was important to the Republic's infrastructure. Onderon was a nasty place even before the Mandalorian Wars, though, what with Freedon Nadd and all the Beast Wars.

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